Hopen Car Wash Shampoo (5Ltr)


Key Features

  • Balanced pH formula
  • Cross-link polymer action removes dirt easily
  • Dual-use, Bucket-Sponge and Spray Gun
  • High & Dense foam formula
  • Work in Soft & Hard water

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Hopen Car Wash Shampoo (5Ltr)

Hopen Car Wash Shampoo is specially designed for car washing in Bucket-Sponge or Spray Gun. It is designed for the high and dense foam to remove dirt and grime easily.

Its cross-link polymer action prevents the re-deposition of soil and easily removes water from the car. Hopen Car Shampoo comes with concentrated formula so it ensures the high foam in soft and hard water.

It comes with a balanced pH and ensures the paint-safe wash. Hopen Car Shampoo contains perfume, its pleasant smell makes you feel fresh during washing.

Easy Steps to follow

Rinse with water

1.Rinse with water

Rinse your vehicle with water to remove loose dirt and soil.

Spray Foam

2.Spray Foam

Spray soap solution by the means of a sponge or spray gun.

Rinse with water

3.Rinse with water

Rinse with low-pressure water, spray to prevent scratch on the paint.

Features Of Hopen Car Wash Shampoo

Washing Tips

  • First, rinse your vehicle with water to remove loose dirt.
  • Wash sponge and microfiber cloth before and after the washing to prevent scratches on the paint.
  • Wash your car section one by one in above order to prevent soap drying and to prevent dull finish film on paint.
  • Use low–pressure water spray to prevent scratches on the paint surface.
  •  For perfect washing divide your car into 5 sections,

1.Top     2.Front     3.Back     4.Left side     5.Right side

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