Hopen Advance Matic Liquid Detergent (1Ltr)


Key Features

  • Use in both front load and top load washing machine.
  • New Advance Matic formula brings a new shine to your old clothes.
  • Faster Dissolution with 100 % Dissolve in water.
  • Our liquid detergent clean light to heavy stains and also suitable for all kind of fabrics.
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable.


Hopen Advance Matic Liquid Detergent-cover

Hopen Advance Matic liquid detergent is specially developed for washing clothes in the front load and top load washing machines.

Our liquid detergent takes to care for all kind of fabrics and clean light to heavy stains. Hopen Advance Matic liquid detergent dissolving 100% in water which detergent powder does not.

As the detergent powder does not dissolve completely it damages to your washing machine drum and it decreases the life of the washing machine.

Hopen Advance Matic Detergent Liquid required in very less quantity compares to other so it stays longer compares to another liquid detergent.

Hopen Advance Matic uses eco-friendly raw material for a better sustainable world.

Features Of Hopen Advance Matic Liquid Detergent

Enzymatic Action

It removes protein and fat stains like blood, eggs, oil, butter, grease, etc.

Polymeric Action

Polymer prevents Dye transfer, re-deposition of soil & dirt on clothes and also acts as a dispersing agent.

Low Foam Formula

It ensures the lower consumption of water and also prevents soapy and sticky clothes.

Dissolve Faster

It gives you a rapid action of washing in a washing machine.

Hopen Advance Matic Liquid Detergent Removes Following Different Stains

Remove Coffee And Tea Stains

Tea & Coffee Stains

Easily remove tea and coffee stain in machine.

Ink Stains

Easily removes ink stain from children’s clothes

Remove Oil and Butter Stains

Oil & Butter Stains

Easily remove oil and butter stains from aprons.

Remove Food Stains

Food Stains

Easily remove food stains by the means of enzymes.

Direction Of Use

Using less amount of Detergent does not give you the required cleaning and too much detergent is also bad for your clothes. If you find your clothes feel soapy & sticky, then you might be using too much Detergent. This is why it’s important to follow the instructions on the pack to get the right dosage of Detergent Powder.

Follow some steps to get clean and fresh clothes.

· How many clothes do you need to wash?

· How dirty are your clothes?

· Is it a fully automatic or semi-automatic washing machine?

· Is it a front loader or top loader washing machine?

· Is the water in your area hard?

See this info-graphic dosage instruction for the right dose.

Hopen Advance Matic Washing Powder


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