We all love our jeans more than any other clothes. It is also costlier so we do more care for denim. Denim is durable, but it does require some special treatment and care, especially for coloured and printed jeans.

Here are some steps to keep brighten your jeans.

1. Turn inside out and check the care label on jeans.

2. Do not mix jeans with other white and light colour clothes.

3. If it is too much dirty then prepare socking solution from Hopen Bright Advance Matic Detergent Powder in cold water and sock jeans in it.

4. Wash it in the Washing machine with Hopen Bright Advance Matic Detergent Powder and again with cold water, here you must remember to use cold water for jeans every time.

5. Hang your jeans in shadow for drying and also keep it inside out to prevent fading of colour.

How to Wash Jeans
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