Short your laundry before wash for best result

1. Sort Laundry by Color

One simple rule is that wash similar colours together. Differentiate your Laundry in three categories first white, second dark, and third coloured.

  • 1. White includes- White, light colours, light greys etc.
  • 2. Dark includes- Black, dark or medium blue, green, brown, dark grey.
  • 3. Colored includes- other than white and dark colour clothes.

2. Sort Laundry by Fabric Type

Once you have sorted clothes by colour, you must sort your clothes by fabric type. Fabrics like wool or denim can damage more delicate fabrics (lingerie, wool, washable silk, embroidered and brocaded fabrics like Sarees and Kurtas), so never washed delicate, cotton and denim together. It must be washed in the delicate wash cycle of your washing machine with cold water and slow spinning. You must wash bed linens and towels tougher with high temperatures because they generate lots of lint. It means that wash similar fabrics and colours together.

3. Sort Laundry by Level of Dirt

Separate the clothes on their level of dirtiness. If your clothes are very dirty, the availability of bacteria is very high. So, you must separately wash it from innerwear, tablecloths and linens because it might affect by bacteria during the wash cycle. For that, you must wash extremely dirty clothes separately from the others. If possible make sure to prewash extremely dirty clothes with cold water to remove excess dirt and then put it inside the washing machine.

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