As we are an Indian, we know how much oil, Butter, Ghee and coconut oil we consume in our food. Sometimes it is mess with our cloth and it is very difficult to remove by ordinary detergent powder. Here we have solution, Hopen Bright Advance matic.

Here are some steps to remove grease from clothes.

1. Remove excess

For to remove excess oil, first immersed oil- stained clothes to the lukewarm water. Allow oil to melt for around 15 minutes then remove excess water by squeezing the clothes.

2. Prepare a soaking solution from detergent

First, you need to pre-treat the oil-stained cloth for that, Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add half a scoop of Hopen Bright washing powder then stirrer the solution by hand until the detergent powder is completely dissolved.

3. Soak that stained clothes

Soak your oil-stained clothes to the solution and leave for an hour. Keep your clothes completely immersed in the soaking solution.

4. Preparing for wash

Remove the excess water from clothes before adding it to your Washing Machine.

5. The right dose of detergent

Add the right amount of detergent based on the instructions on your detergent pack.

6. Wash your clothes

Load your clothes into the washing machine with other laundry and wash on your required wash cycle. Especially for oil stained clothes use a high-temperature wash cycle as it mentions in the fabric care label.

tab of butter and oil stain
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