To start with, you need to use the right amount of Hopen Laundry Detergent Powder. A few things affect how much Detergent Powder you need to use.

  • How much laundry do you need to wash?
  • How dirty is your laundry?
  • Is it a fully automatic or semi-automatic washing machine?
  • Is it a front loader or top loader washing machine?
  • Is the water in your area hard? Water hardness will vary throughout your region, and you will need to use more Hopen Detergent Powder if you live in a hard water area to get the best results.

Check dosing instructions on the pack and use the scoop to measure the right amount of Hopen Detergent Powder.

Using less amount of Detergent Powder does not give you the required cleaning and too much detergent powder is also bad for your clothes. If you find traces of your powder, your clothes feels soapy, sticky or smelly. If you find your colors have turned dull, then you may be using too much Detergent Powder. This is why it’s important to follow the instructions on the pack to get the right dosage of Detergent Powder.

Follow some steps to get clean and fresh clothes. Here some handy guide on how much Detergent Powder to use, see this infographic information.

How to Use Powder Detergent ?

For to get the best result for your laundry when using Hopen Detergent Powder, follow this laundry tips on how to use Hopen Detergent Powder:

  • Check the dosing instructions on the packaging.
  • Use the scoop to measure the correct dose of Hopen Detergent Powder
  • If you are using a top loader or a semi-automatic washing machine, dose Hopen Detergent           Powder directly into the drum filled up with water before adding clothes.
  • If using a front loader, add the Hopen Detergent Powder to the drawer.
  • Once you have added the Detergent Powder, place the clothes in the drum.
  • Choose the cycle based on the recommendation on the fabric care label.
  • Make sure you always keep the Detergent Powder out of reach of children.
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